National Board Games Championships 2017 to be held in Kent

The National Board Game Championships will be held across a series of pubs in Kent, it has been announced.

The championship competition, that will held until Sunday March 26th will see gamers competing over five board games during the first heats stage, including such favourites as Monopoly, Jenga and Trivial Pursuit.

The competition was conceived by pie company Pork Farms, who will run the competition in collaboration with the Micropubs Association.

"We are thrilled with the amount of national micropubs that have signed up this year," Pork Farms’ marketing and brands manager, Michael Holton, told Kent Live.

"After the success of the 2016 championships, we are aiming to make the 2017 contest even bigger and better, and, with the help of the micropub family, it will be."

The winner of the championship will be crowned after the semi-final and grand final combined during National Board Games Week commencing May 8th.

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