Hasbro submits trademark application for Play-Doh scent

Hasbro has submitted an application to the US’s Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the distinctive fragrance of Play-Doh in the US.

The application covers all toy modelling compounds and describes the scent as “a unique scent formed through the combination of a sweet, slightly musky, vanilla-like fragrance, with slight overtones of cherry, and the natural smell of a salted, wheat-based dough.”

In 2008, Hasbro licensed a perfume from Demeter Fragrance Library aptly named Eau De Play-Doh to mark the brand’s 50th anniversary.

“Hasbro’s trademark application shows that the use of smells in branding, and companies desire to protect them is increasing,” Lee Curtis, a partner and chartered trademark attorney at law firm HGF, told The Independent.

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