Legacy Games launches Crayola Color Blaster with AR features

Design and development studio Legacy Games, is set to releaunch Crayola Color Blaster, complete with a new storyline content pack, called Paint My Dragon.

The augmented reality game will also boast the new arcade mode update and original zombie-themed story for free, while Paint My Dragon is available as an in-app purchase.

Crayola Color Blaster was originally developed as part of the Google App Incubator Program and was one of 35 Tango-enabled applications designed in November 2016.

"We are thrilled to have worked with Crayola and Google in the creation of this innovative children’s app," says Ariella Lehrer, CEO of Legacy Games.

"Crayola Color Blaster is one of the first kid’s titles to demonstrate how Tango’s technology enables new and exciting play patterns. Our game is a mixture of colouring and tag, only possible when your mobile device understands its position relative to the world around it."

Virtual life-size characters such as dragons can follow players around the room when using the Crayola Color Blaster app.

Kids must walk around to avoid the characters that want to ‘crunch’ their colours.

Warren Shorr, VP of business development and licensing, added: “At Crayola, we’re all about inspiring creativity through colour and innovative play patterns, and we are delighted to partner with Legacy on the new and exciting Tango platform.

"This new app is a fun, relevant and highly engaging activity for kids of all ages."

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