Kidz Toyz debuts emoji-inspired toy line Mini Mojis

Kidz Toyz has bolstered its toy offering with the addition of its Mini Mojis line featuring collectable, expressible characters and play-sets.

The collection boasts over 100 small figures, including Mini Mojis Blind Bag, Mini Mojis six Pack, Mini Mojis 12 Pack, Mini Mojis Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster Set and Mini Mojis Treehouse Playground.

The first line-up features the Nooky Poo emoji, one of the rarest around, Farah Featherwings, Pucker Up, Love-Lee and Sara Beara.

“Emoji’s have become a universal form of expression, one that transcends language and generational barriers,” said Scott Spiegel, founder of Kidz Toyz.

“Mini Mojis bring the fun to life so kids, teens and all other emoji fans alike can collect and trade their favourite emoji’s. We know this will bring old-school play out of the screen and back to the playground.” 

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