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Brainstorm unveils pocket money line BeeBeez

Brainstorm is gearing up for the launch of its brand new pocket money line for fans of retro toys.

Dubbed BeeBeez, the latest incarnation of the novelty line ZeeBeez, the rubbery toy comes in a range of colours and will invert, so that players can drop it onto a hard surface and watch it ‘BeePop’ towards the ceiling.

“Every year needs a fun pocket money line and BeeBeez is it. We have a great relationship with Zing Toys, the manufacturer, who are renowned for creating products that are brilliant fun and are looking forward to emulating the success previous incarnations have enjoyed,” said Nick Saunders, sales director at Brainstorm.

“We have CDUs with great on-shelf appeal and the low price point will make them an easily accessible impulse purchase across many retail channels.”

To mark the arrival of the toy to the market, Brainstorm has also developed a new infomercial, which can be viewed below. 

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