FCTRY donates Trump action figure proceeds to American Civil Liberties Union

The team behind a satirical line of Donald Trump action figures, FCTRY has pledged to donate sales profits to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Trump Over Re-Action Figure was developed last year following a successful Kickstarter campaign and has brought in nearly $200,000 for the firm to date.

The company has detailed that the Trump figure, priced at $20 and featuring removable hair, ‘Twitter-sized hands’ and ‘durable shoes for stepping on feelings’ was designed as a way to mock to then presedential candidate.

The firm has revealed that following the election, sales of the Trump action figure have surged, many fans being Trump supporters.

“When the immigration ban went into effect, it became clear,” FCTRY founder Jason Feinberg stated in a recent post.

“If we want to stand for something, we must take nothing.”

FCTRY is now donating 100 per cent of the profits from its Trump Action Figures to the ACLU, while seeking further non-profit organisations who are ‘working to hinder the darkest parts of Trump’s agenda.’

The ACLU has received million of dollars in donations since suing over the executive order Trump signed last month, which temporarily barred citizens and refugees from seven countries from entering the US.

FCTRY has added that since announcing the initiative, sales have once again spiked, making it the company’s most popular product.

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