LEGO named ‘Most Powerful Brand’ by Brand Finance

Leading valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance has compiled its annual Global 500 list, placing LEGO in the number one spot, as ‘most powerful’ brand.

Lego has been boosted by the success of The LEGO Movie and the upcoming Lego Batman Movie, while digital innovations such as its new Lego Life social network have helped to broaden it into more of a ‘shared pursuit’.

Brand Finance analyses factors such as brand loyalty, familiarity, corporate reputation and marketing investment in creating the Global 500. Google was the second most powerful brand, with Nike taking third place.

Last year’s leader, Walt Disney fell five places due to its biggest films last year being the work of sub-brands, such as Star Wars: Rogue One, which was produced by Lucasfilm, and Finding Dory, which was produced by Pixar.

David Haigh, the CEO of Brand Finance, told the Telegraph that following Donald Trump’s election there has been a growing dissatisfaction with American brands.

“There was a period when American brands were considered to be very aspirational. Gradually goodwill towards American brands has been eroded,” Haigh explained.

“One of the interesting dimensions at the moment is the extent to which Trumpism is actually going to accelerate this negative view about American brands.”

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