Hasbro reveals Nerf Nitro

Hasbro has unveiled a new line of products from the Nerf brand in the form of Nerf Nitro, a unique line of blasters and launchable foam vehicles, set to hit shelves globally in 2017.

The new racing vehicle product line is based on two years of research from the firm and aims to bring fans "the thrill of speed, jumps, tricks, and adrenaline-fuelled action." Fans can load one of the Nerf Nitro foam vehicles into the launchers and pull the trigger to blast the vehicle into overdrive. With more than 48 vehicle designs and customisable, indoor-safe stunt vehicles and accessories, vehicle fans can now create stunt shows in different settings. 

“The imaginative, fun NITRO line is an exciting development as we continue to drive innovation and explore diverse worlds of play for the NERF brand and our fans of all ages,” explained Craig Wilkins, Marketing Director Hasbro UK & Ireland.

“Building on the action-packed adventures of blaster play allows us to infuse the stunt car segment with all the dependability, power and thrills that kids and fans expect from the NERF brand.”

 “NITRO offers kids an original way to play with NERF, combining its expertise as the premiere blaster brand with toy vehicle to create an entirely new way to have fun,” added Jim Silver, CEO/editor-in-chief, TTPM.com. “From the blaster action to the cool stunts and tricks, this new NERF experience is sure to be a hit with fans.”

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