US Presidential Top Trumps pack launches on day of Donald Trump’s inauguration

On the day that Trump takes up his first day of residence within The White House, card game firm Top Trumps has released a new US Presidential Top Trumps pack.

Coinciding with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, the new card deck features every US president from George Washington to Trump with categories spanning a range of themes from the number of electoral votes to how far the new President had to travel to the White house from his birth place.

Trump has already paled in comparison, having made a mere 229 mile journey from his native New York to the White House compared to Obama’s 4,829 mile trek from Hawaii.

“He is not the best card to hold,” said Top Trumps brand guardian, Tom Liddell. “But certainly not the worst.”

That accolade belongs to 4th US President James Madison, while the strongest is Obama.

The deck features every one of the 45 US Presidents with only 44 cards included in the deck, noting that Grover Cleveland was President twice at different times.

“We pride ourselves on these type of nitty gritty facts,” added Liddell.

“It’s all part of our Top Trumps experience.”

The new pack is out today, priced at £5. The printable Donald Trump card is available for download on

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