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Kids app Azoomee partners with NSPCC for safer content

After first launching last year, kids’ app Azoomee has now partnered with children’s charity NSPCC, who has provided advice on various safety features for the app.

Designed to provide children with a secure environment to enjoy games, audiobooks and stream videos, the app also creates its own original content, including an internet safety series called Search It Up. 

Currently, the app boasts extensive safety features including a pin protection so that kids cannot look around the internet, plus there is no advertising or in-app payments included with the app.

The app has also teamed up with o2, making it the sole entertainment provider on the company’s new children’s tablet, the Alcatel Pixi 8.

Azoomee is available as part of a subscription service priced at £4.99 per month, per family, with a portion of the cost donated to the NSPCC.

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