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Ban Bao goes green with environmentally friendly building blocks

Dutch toy firm Ban Bao is to commence production on a range of sustainable and environmentally friendly building blocks.

The company has outlined its plans to deliver on its commitment to ‘building a better tomorrow’ with a new line created from biobased materials.

The new building blocks will eliminate all traces of oil-based chemicals, using raw materials derived from plants. The company has also revealed that all packaging, stickers, instruction and glue included with the toys will be 100 per cent biobased.

“Almost any regular plastic building block toy used until now, even ours is made from petrochemicals,” said Steven van Bommel, CEO of Ban Bao.

“Conventional plastic toys rely on increasingly scarce resources and in the process of being manufactured they cause between two to seven times their own weight in greenhouse gasses to be emitted into our atmosphere.

“The quality of the building blocks has amazed us, the blocks perfectly fit to our non-biobased building blocks and those of the competition.

“It is an exciting project that can have a positive impact on the planet and can change the toy industry.”

The new environmentally friendly will consist of over 13 toy boxes for kids aged one to six and will be available in stores from autumn this year.

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