CES: Leka smart toy to help children with developmental disabilities

The French toy firm Leka has shown off its latest smart toy of the same name at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

The toy bares a resemblance to Star Wars robot BB-8 and aims to help children with developmental disabilities such as autism to learn and communicate with others.

The device is aimed at schools and therapy institutions and can be controlled by a caregiver or set in an autonomous state so that children can engage with the device’s activities at their own pace. The educational games are designed to motivate social interactions, that increase motor, cognitive, and emotional skills, as well as stimulating autonomy.

Leka ran a successful Indiegogo campaign for the toy that has surpassed its goal and currently sits at $131,928. For a pledge of $490 (just under £400) you can pre-order your own Leka. The device is expected to launch in February 2017.

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