Mattel unveils its own Amazon Alexa, an AI monitor that grows with a child

Mattel has debuted its very own version of the Amazon Alexa, an AI baby monitor with the ability to hold conversations with youngsters.

Called Aristotle by Nabi, the monitor uses natural language processing and Internet of Things technology in order to interact with children.

It has been billed as a teacher, caretaker and friend, all in one and comes in at a mere snip of the Amazon counterpart, at $299.

According to Mattel, the monitor has the ability to grow with a child, adjusting its engagement levels as a child grows more inquisitive.

Comprised of a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct speaker with LED lights and a Wi-Fi camera with object recognition, the unit is capable of engaging with both parents and children and can even place orders for more baby supplies.

Mattel has been quick to comfort parents concerned with the device’s link to the Internet of Things, too, stating that there are a number of security and privacy protections within Aristotle, including COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliance.

The device is expected to bow to US audiences in June this year. 

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