Toys R Us accidentally leaks Emma Watson’s singing in Beauty and the Beast remake

Toys R Us has been named as the source of an accidental leak offering fans an early preview of Emma Watson’s singing in the upcoming Disney film, Beauty and the Beast.

Until now, the 26 year old actor’s vocal work had been kept closely guarded by the film studio and has been kept clear of all of the movie’s promotional material released so far.

However, a 14 second preview of Watson’s singing has been revealed by a Toys R Us store that accidentally released its Hasbro Belle toy line ahead of the official release date.

It has been confirmed by a producer on the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film, Jack Morrissey, that the audio heard in the footage, currently being shared on social media, was legitimate.

The clip was first shared on Instagram by a Beauty and the Beast fan who recorded the audio from the toy store in the US.

The doll features Watson singing Something There.

The live action remake of the 1991 classic movie is scheduled to hit UK cinemas from March 1, 2017. 

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