LEGO Group establishes new LEGO Brand Group entity

The Kirk Kristiansen family, owners of the LEGO brand, have chosen to create a new entity, dubbed the LEGO Brand Group.

As part of the move, the LEGO Brand Group will facilitate the owner governance of all LEGO brand related activities.

This will comprise the LEGO Group and LEGO Education, and how the brand is also expressed by entities such as LEGO Foundation and in LEGOLAND attractions.

“Our family ownership is deeply rooted in the LEGO Idea, which is about learning and development through play and a unique, creative play system that offers endless possibilities,” said Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, fourth generation owner of the LEGO Group.

“With our recent growth and globalisation come new and exciting opportunities for the brand, and we establish the LEGO Brand Group to look into these new opportunities.”

In addition, current CEO of the LEGO Group, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, will chair the new entity alongside deputy chair, Thomas Kirk Kristiansen.

Knudstorp added: "I really look forward to this new challenge together with Thomas. I have enjoyed being the CEO of this great company, because I have a lifelong passion for the LEGO idea.

“The role and the job have changed very much over these years, and this is the natural next step, as I am a firm believer in the value of active family ownership.”

Elsewhere, Bali Padda, current COO of the group has been promoted to replace Knudstorp as CEO of the LEGO Group.

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