Adult games on the rise, says Hasbro

Hasbro is predicting that the appeal for games aimed at an older audience will continue to grow, as it launches an adult-rated version of Taboo.

Titled Midnight Taboo, the adult-rated edition of the popular game of forbidden words will boast its own brand of unspeakable fun and is just one example of the firm embracing the ever growing adult gaming market.

“In Midnight Taboo, teams compete against each other to guess the subject on the card, avoiding designated forbidden words, inviting hilarious and, sometimes cheeky moments,” said Craig Wilkins, marketing director at Hasbro.

“The popularity of games aimed at an older audience is ever increasing and has really taken off in the past few years. With the digital world taking up both our work and social lives, it’s not surprising to see adults turning to board games as a way to disconnect, and the demand for these games is high. We anticipate this to continue to rise.”

Midnight Taboo is not alone in bringing a grown-up edge to Hasbro’s gaming portfolio, and it looks to be a line-up that’s only going to grow over the next 12 months.

“The game perfectly complements Hasbro Gaming’s existing range of grown-up games which also includes Cranium Dark, where players guess the subject of the card based on the acting abilities of their teammates and Speak Out, the hysterical mouthpiece challenge game,” added Wilkins.

“Even Pie Face Showdown, which not only provides endless hilarity children, but adults too.”

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