Schleich decreases carriage paid threshold for Christmas season

Following record growth throughout 2015, Schleich has witnessed a further uplift in sell out for 2016.

To celebrate the firm’s success, Schleich has once again applied a carriage paid order value reduction for its customers to enjoy this Christmas season.

This news comes following an increase in marketing activities throughout 2016, including a 24-week sponsorship deal with Boomerang.

“Our marketing has been consistent right through the year with each month having a new initiative that supports key ranges and our retailers,” said Jeremy Robinson, country manager of Schleich.

“On top of this we were delighted to be able to implement TV advertising again and the Boomerang sponsorship was the perfect strategy for us, as it communicated the whole Schleich portfolio to children of the perfect age group.

"With awareness being high we want to make sure our retailers have their stands looking at their best, and want to ease the way to restock before Christmas by decreasing the level of spend for carriage paid orders during December to just £150.”

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