LEGO opens its first factory in Asia

LEGO’s first Asian store opened it’s door on Friday 25th November in eastern Zhejiang province, China.

The factory is expected to supply 80 per cent of the Danish company’s products sold on the growing Asian market.

Located in the city of Jiaxing, the factory will be a short 100 kilometers away from the company’s central distribution center for Asia in Shanghai.

The factory launches amid concerns of knockoff products that are currently flooding the Asian market, posing a major challenge to LEGO’s Asian expansion. 

The new factory will employ 1,200 people and represents an investment of more than £84 million. 

The plant is also the most sustainable that the company have ever built, with 20,000 solar panels being installed on its roof in the coming months and will be put into use by the middle of 2017, reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by more than 4,000 metric tons annually and providing 7 percent of the total electricity being used at the site. LEGO has also applied LED lighting in the entire factory to save energy.

"The operation of the factory allows us to get closer to China, which is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world and react for adjustments to offer a better and more efficient service to local consumers," explained Richard Wong, general manager of Asia manufacturing at LEGO.

"However, the selling price in China won’t be adjusted to be lower for the moment as what we value most is the design and playful experience of our products."

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