Tabletop title Kingdom Death on track to hit $72million on Kickstarter, says Kicktraq

A co-operative player horror board game could be on track to reach more than $72million on Kickstarter, setting a new record for the crowdfunding site.

The projection has been made by the tracking site Kicktraq, who predicts that the game will hit the grand total within the remaining 40 days it has on the site.

Called Kingdom Death: Monster, the game has so far raised over $5million since launching on November 25th.

According to Kicktraq, should the game continue with its current rate of pledges being made, it will top the $70million in the next month.

The tabletop game – described as a boutique product – challenges players to hunt intelligent monsters and develop settlements through a self-running campaign.

Further sources suggest that the $72million figure could be a bit far fetched, noting that previous 45 day campaigns on the crowdfunding site tend to raise ten per cent of their total backing in the first two to three days.

With this in mind, the game could still stand to raise $50million, putting it among the most funded projects in Kickstarter’s history.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign below:

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