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Rare Pokemon trading card sells for $54k

An incredibly rare Pokemon card has been auctioned off for a whopping $54, 970. 

The ‘Pikachu Illustrator Card’ was presented as an award to winners of an illustration contest organized by the CoroCoro manga. Only 10 of the original 39 cards are known to still exist, making this mint-condition copy the most valuable card in the world.

The card was sold at an auction held in Beverley Hills, California by Heritage Auctions. 

Designed by chief Pokemon Graphic illustrator Atsuko Nishida, the Pikachu Illustrator card is said to be the most sought-after card in among collectors.

For fans without the capital for ultra-rare cards, the Pokemon Company has released a series of new Pokemon cards based on the original Pokemon trading card game. The Evolutions expansion includes fan favorites such as Charizard with the same art and attacks as the 20-year-old cards. There are also two new pre-made theme decks, Mewtwo Mayhem and Pikachu Power (pictured below).

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