The club is famous for its enigmatic entrance policy, and the game centres around getting past Berghain's legendary bouncers.

Card game based on Berlin’s iconic Berghain nightclub hits Kickstarter

Berlin’s Berghain is regularly touted as one of the world’s greatest nightclubs and a heaven for techno fans.

A no photography policy has kept its treasures hidden, and an enigmatic entrance policy have led clubbers to head online to debate theories around why they’ve not been allowed in. So much has been made of the policy that the Berghain’s head bouncer, Sven, is now something a local celebrity.

Well now the legend of the Berghain has been immortalised in the from of a card game that sees players step into Sven’s shoes to let the right people in to emerge victorious.

Berghain Ze Game from Ninja Print sees players take turns as the bouncer. The game takes place in the line outside the club, and players are given Action Cards which manipulate the line order right before letting guests in. Each guest has a point score, and the bouncer who ends up with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

The project is looking to raise SEK 90,000, and is currently at SEK 48,000 with 17 days left to go.

‘We wanted to make a gateway game that both non-gamers and game night veterans can enjoy,’ read a statement from Ninja Print.

‘It’s a light filler game that mixes strategy and luck. It’s also a love letter to the techno scene and a really fun way to learn more about gay culture.’

Check out the game in action below:

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