47 per cent of parents still unfamiliar with STEM, says Two Bit Circus

Despite becoming the buzz word of the last couple of years, 47 per cent of parents are still unfamiliar with STEM toys.

This is the finding of a recent survey conducted by Two Bit Circus who set out to understand the differences in how girls and boys play and learn in relation to science, technology, engineering, art and maths.

Of the 500 parents surveyed, 235 were unfamiliar with STEM or STEAM toys such as chemistry sets or microscopes.

Further findings indicated that 41 per cent of parents with boys say their child shows the most interest in technology and computing activities outside of school, compared to only 18 per cent of parents with girls.

Meanwhile, 45 per cent of parents with girls report that their child shows the most interest in art outside of school, compared to only 10 per cent of parents with boys.

The research was conducted ahead of the launch of a Kickstarter campaign from Two Bit Circus as the team prepares to launch its new Oomiyu paper craft and technology kit.

Aimed at budding inventors, the kit offers kids a hands-on experience with basic mechanical principles, electronics and programming to create what it bills as a unique STEAM experience.

The maker kit also aims to bring art alive through creative innovation, combining art with STEAM for a ‘well-rounded and engaging creativity platform.’

“Not only does Oomiyu foster a sense of excitement for STEAM by building creative confidence and curiosity in children, it also helps develop critical thinking skills and makes technology more appealing for creative and analytical thinkers alike,” said Two Bit Circus CEO and Co-founder, Brent Bushnell.

“By creating this holistic STEAM-based kit, we hope to bring out the makers we know are hidden in every child.”

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