LISTEN: TIA’s Steve Pasierb on why US Toy Fair is great for indie firms and inventors

Steve Pasierb, president and CEO at the Toy Industry Association, has told ToyNews that next year’s US Toy Fair is well worth making the trip to for UK inventors and designers, and smaller indie toy firms.

The TIA has always catered to the inventor community through programmes like its Creative Factor, but next year’s US Toy Fair will house a special area for new toy firms.

"US Toy Fair fills the current Javits Centre and there’s not a lot of room for growth and that’s why we’ve made an point of making sure there’s lots of 10 x 10 booths so the big companies don’t grab up every inch of the show," Pasierb told ToyNews.

"For US Toy Fair 2017, we’re taking Hall 1E, which was the Digital Kids Conference and some other things, and filling it with brand new companies in 10 x 10 booths to really fuel that inventor side of the show."

Listen to Pasierb talk more on the TIA’s Creative Factor programme for inventors, the current state of creativity in the US design community and why UK creators should head to New York next February below.

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