JAPAN: Yvolution launches Do Iku campaign to get kids into sport

Yvolution has launched a campaign in Japan to promote children’s involvement in playing sports as a way to encourage their overall healthy development.

A recent study by Japan’s Stop the Locomo Council found that more than 50 percent of eighth grade Japanese children failed when required to perform one of five movement tests.

The movement of Yvolution products is better known as “Do Iku” and Ogi Mama, a professor of education and early childhood development, recommends various Yvolution ride-ons as successful products to use when trying to fill the void in the lack of students’ exercise.

“It was important to us to launch the Do Iku campaign in Japan when we heard about the lack of physical activity in children, as physical activity and health are a main point of Yvolution’s mission,” said Thomas O’Connell, global CEO, Yvolution.

“It’s also been very fulfilling for us to learn that experts in Japan are suggesting our products lead to children’s healthy development, since it proves what we’ve believed since the inception of our company.”

As part of its campaign, Yvolution is also stressing that physical activity and play set a strong foundation for healthy brain development, leading children to become more successful academically and socially.

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