Alexandar Lau named this year’s Rubik’s UK Champion

Alexandar Lau has been crowned the Rubik’s UK Champion 2016 at the 11th annual Rubik’s UK Championships, which took place last weekend.

18-year-old Lau secured the title having solved the cube with an average time of 7.85 seconds.

Taking place on November 4th till 6th in Bristol, the event saw the biggest turnout in history, with over 200 competitors form 18 different countries taking part.

Various events took place over the course of the weekend, including solving the Rubik’s Cube one handed, blind folded and with their feet.

“It’s great to see so many new people competing at this year’s Rubik’s UK Championships,” said Chrisi Trussell, VP at Rubik’s Brand Ltd.

“We’ve had a brilliant weekend here in Bristol and it was fantastic to see all the speedcubers coming together to build the Guy Fawkes mosaic and celebrate what they love – cubing. A huge congratulations must also go to Alexander who fought off tough competition in the 3×3 final.”

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