Topps celebrates DreamWorks’ Trolls launch with VIP screening

Trading cards and collectables specialist Topps celebrated the cinematic launch of DreamWorks’ Trolls with a VIP exclusive screening of the animated feature.

Key partners, licensees, retailers, suppliers, press and families were all in attendance at the advanced screening in which they were treated to Trolls related activities.

Visitors were able to engage with selfie moments, competitons, face painting, puzzling and colouring as well as given the chance to meet the movie’s hero characters Poppy and Branch.

“The occasion was big, bright an very colourful, everything you would expect for a Trolls event,” said Chris Rodman, vice president at Topps Europe.

“We were delighted to have so many people attend and would like to thank everyone for supporting Topps by joining us at this special screening.”

Becki Fleming, head of international franchise and UK head of marketing at DreamWorks Animation, added: “We were extremely happy to support Topps in putting on this event, with Trolls being such a key launch for DreamWorks in 2016, destined to be our biggest, loudest, craziest party ever.

“We have been so impressed with the high quality of the Topps Trolls products, is marketing campaign and the efforts that went into the VIP screening, working with Topps has been fantastic.”

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