John Adams’ Rummikub proves popular at Board Game Club take-over

After taking over last week’s Board Game Club, John Adams won the crowd over with its game Rummikub.

Josef Kollar, star of Channel 4’s Gogglebox, joined the fun and games with over 50 other guests, who took part in the brand new Rummikub Twist.

John Adams’ own, and Rubik’s expert, Laurence Livsey was also on hand to showcase his tips and advice on the toy, whilst demonstrating how fast he can solve the cube to fans.

“We are really pleased that our Board Game Club take-over was so well received. We’ve supported the events in the past but this was a first for us to take-over the entire evening and we were thrilled with the great response all of our games received,” said Lynette Norris of John Adams.

“It was especially good to see Rummikub proving so popular with guests of all ages – and of course to see everyone embracing the silliness of Silly Sausage.”

On the night Rummikub joined John Adams’ Silly Sausage game, as well as Othello, Splashy the Whale Hame, Doh Nutters and Pig Goes Pop.

Board Game Club co-founder and Playtime PR’s Lesley Singleton, added: “This was yet another night that proved what a great resource Board Game Club can be for games brands.

“It was exciting to see the mix of classic and new games all in one room and to see how our guests reacted to them. Our membership base has swelled to over 500 people spanning journalists, table-top-game-loving public, bloggers, podcasters, buyers and people from both inside and outside the industry, so the nights offer a really unique opportunity for brands to engage.”

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