Andy Robertson checks out how the Thompson family get on with Spin Master's cracking new launch.

Family Gamer TV gets hands on with Hatchimals

Today’s the day that toy fans get to discover what’s inside the Hatchimals egg.

I worked with a family in the UK and Spin Master to give them one of the first experience of a full Hatchimal hatching.

As you can see in the video below, the egg goes through a series of stages. It starts in egg form and must be looked after by checking the different colours and noises. One popular moment was when the kids realised they could tap on the egg and whatever was inside would tap back.

Suddenly the egg started hatching with lights and a fanfare so they rushed to the sofa to see what would happen together. The moment when the beak first popped through the outer shell worked really very well as not only the children, but parents too, were fully engaged.

From there, the hatching took about 30 minutes with the little creature slowly tapping away at the egg exterior. As it did so they family had to respond and care for their egg as it hatched. The two girls clearly enjoyed the experience. The older of the two related it to memories of her mother giving birth.

By the time the toy had hatched and we started to discover what to do with the creature inside, it had been quite a journey. As well as the entertainment around the hatching, the family appreciated that they were all needed and involved to ensure the hatching went smoothly.

It also offered a laid back opportunity for the family to talk about childbirth in general and the girls to recall memories of what that was like.

“I didn’t even have to be sick in a bucket” the daughter said at one point. A funny moment, but also one of connection between mother and daughter.

It will take a while to understand fully what Hatchimals has to offer but first impressions are certainly very positive in my experience.

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