TOMY and PlayFusion’s Lightseekers hits Kickstarter

PlayFusion and TOMY have headed to Kickstarter to fund the final production of its new toys-to-life title, Lightseekers.

Lightseekers is an action and fantasy adventure role-playing game which blends video games, AI-infused action figures, augmented reality and interactive trading cards, and PlayFusion is looking to raise $200,000 on Kickstarter to launch the title.

“After 18 grueling months of working in complete stealth mode, we’re ready to take the world by storm," said Mark Gerhard CEO and co-founder of PlayFusion.

"Our team is pumped to finally unveil Lightseekers and clearly demonstrate how this is a game-changer for many creative industries.

“With the support of our Kickstarter backers, we will be able to fully develop Lightseekers, taking everything the world currently thinks about toys-to-life, turn it on its head and make it a massively more connected experience – more integrated, more intelligent, more mobile, more interactive, more engaging, and more magical than ever before for gamers of all ages.”

Any additional support beyond the goal will be reinvested into the total experience, meaning more playable characters, more figures and accessories, more connected content and more gameplay.

“Our platform is an entirely new concept – a revolutionary suite of proprietary next generation interactive entertainment technologies – sentient action figures, smart accessories, innovative augmented reality, and groundbreaking image and audio recognition technology all brought together to provide completely new entertainment experiences,” added Gerhard.

“With the help of our backers, we’re trailblazing the future of innovative mixed media connected entertainment for our players, and proud to be at the forefront of providing a next generation technology platform that seamlessly connects the broadcast, publishing, games and toy industries.”

Check out the Lightseekers Kickstarter campaign here.

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