Hasbro adds new Companion Pet Pup to Joy For All brand

Hasbro is boosting its Joy For All brand with the launch of the new Companion Pet Pup.

Designed to give companionship to older adults, the Joy For All brand first launched in November 2015, and was inspired by certain Hasbro toys and games for seniors.

Hasbro’s Companion Pet Pup features BarkBack technology, a built-in heartbeat, and when the pup’s owner speaks, it reacts with realistic puppy sounds.

“Aging loved ones and their caregivers have been thrilled with the Companion Pet Cats, and we are inspired by their positive feedback and personal stories,” said Ted Fischer, VP of business development at Hasbro.

“The cat delivers a unique way for all generations to connect deeply through interaction and play, but dog lovers continually asked when we planned to add a dog to the line.

“We are truly excited for the new Joy For All product – the Companion Pet Pup – to bring even more light-hearted fun and laughter to seniors and their families.”

During July 2016, Hasbro teamed up with Meals on Wheels America to help fight senior isolation, and will donate $100,000 to the charity and provide Joy For All Companion Pets to local Meals on Wheels programs across the country.

“Raising awareness through high-profile events and meaningful collaborations, the Joy For All brand is gaining recognition for its important work supporting seniors.

“The new Companion Pet Pup will help us grow our reach and continue the brand’s momentum this year and into the future.”

The Companion Pet Pup is available now from QVC and the Joy For All website.

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