Laughter and graft are all part of having a new family, says Little Tikes’ survey

A new survey commissioned by toy firm Little Tikes has revealed that the first year of being a new family is about 50 per cent laughter and 50 per cent hard work, according to the nation’s parents.

Little Tikes spoke to 1,500 UK parents, with 35 per cent revealing that they were not prepared for how hard having a baby would be.

25 per cent revealed that the hardest part of being a mum or dad is the constant tidying up, followed by bedtime issues at 22 per cent.

The survey also found that 38 per cent cited that seeing their child laugh was the most fulfilling feeling, followed closely by sharing cuddles at 13 per cent.

Emma Kenny, Little Tikes’ play expert and child psychologist, said: “Clearly being a new parent is an exciting time in anyone’s life and it’s fascinating to see the high and lows of parenting our research reveals.

“It’s wonderful to see that despite all the sleepless nights and tidying up, many find magic in the little moments – cherishing the milestones as baby develops.”

According to some parents, the start of the week is the most difficult, with 47 per cent saying Mondays are the most tiring day of the week.

Elsewhere, almost three quarters (73 per cent) said that during the first year with their baby they feel pressure from friends and family to be a ‘perfect’ parent.

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