ICTI Care extends partnership with Ethical Corporation

ICTI Care Foundation is extending its partnership with Ethical Corporation to promote solutions to responsible sourcing within the toy industry.

Under the partnership, Ethical Corporation will continue to provide a professional platform for ICTI Care Foundation members to keep up with key trends via a series of webinars and events.

Having been established since 2004, ICTI Care is an independent, not for profit organisation with the aim of enhancing the wellbeing of workers in the global toy and entertainment industry supply chain.

“We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with Ethical Corporation and look forward to sharing insights from business driven programmes to support toy brands, retailers and factories to improve the wellbeing of toy workers worldwide,” said Mark Robertson, director of communications and stakeholder relations at the ICTI Care Foundation.

The partnership now means that all ICTI Care Foundation members will benefit from a favourable rate to attend Ethical Corporation’s events worldwide, including the Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2016 and the Responsible Business Summits 2017 in Europe, USA and Asia.

Greg Cohen, marketing manager at Ethical Corporation, added: “We are very pleased to continue working with the ICTI Care Foundation closely as their expertise provides our community with the best learnings from their leading working n the space of supplier engagement from the toy and entertainment industry.”

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