Hasbro celebrates Play-Doh’s 60th birthday

Hasbro is celebrating World Play-Doh Day and the brand’s 60th birthday by inviting guests to share what they imagine life will look like 60 years into the future.

World Play-Doh Day has been celebrated since 2006, and inspires artists of all ages to play with the putty.

“Continuous innovations – while staying true to that classic, creative play – have shaped Play-Doh into one of Hasbro’s most popular franchises,” said Greg Lombardo, VP of marketing for the Play-Doh brand.

“This year, we’re celebrating much more than 60 successful years, we’re building excitement and momentum for the future ahead.”

On September 16th, parents were also invited to take part in the celebrations by sharing the kids’ imaginative predictions on social media.

And as part of the World Play-Doh Day celebrations, the brand is bringing kids’ visions to life through a collection of sculptures.

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