Barb Hamm's video of the game in action has enjoyed over 38 million views since she uploaded it a week ago.

Could Speak Out Mom be Hasbro’s latest viral sensation?

When it comes to viral success stories, Hasbro has enjoyed a string of hits.

First, it was a video of Rocket Games’ Pie Face in 2015, which reached over 30 million views and saw the game promptly acquired by Hasbro. It’s since gone on to be one of the biggest hits in Hasbro’s games portfolio and a follow-up, Pie Face Showdown, is out later this year.

Then, this year, the firm found itself with another viral video on its hands thanks to Candace Payne – AKA Chewbacca Mom.

Starring a woman laughing hysterically while wearing one of Hasbro’s Chewbacca masks, the Chewbacca Mom video broke records as the most-watched Facebook Live video ever, and has had over 91 million views. This in turn led to mass stock shortages around the world for Hasbro’s interactive Chewbacca Mask.

And now, please welcome to the stage, Katie Pryor from Macks Creek, Missorui – or as she may soon be know, Speak Out Mom.

Her relative, Barb Hamm, uploaded a video on Monday of her family playing Hasbro’s new Speak Out game. Speak Out asks players to say ridiculous statements whilst wearing a mouthpiece, and Pryor’s attempts at the saying the likes of ‘Spied at the planetarium’ have gone down a storm, reaching over 28 million views to date.

Since Hamm uploaded the video, we’ve even seen a flood of clicks to our story on Speak Out from back in June, enough to make it our most read story this week.

So, time will tell if Hamm’s Speak Out video triggers the mass sales that Pie Face and the Chewbacca Mask saw, but it certainly won’t hurt the game’s Christmas prospects.

And if you haven’t seen Hamm’s Speak Out video, check it out below:

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