Arckit develops new Arckit Go Colours for Christmas

Arckit Go Colours is the latest product developed by architect Damien Murtagh, and is entering the toy market in time for Christmas.

Murtagh created the original Arckit as a tool for architects, which jumped into the toy space with Harrods and the Science Museum stocking the item in the UK.

Now, Arckit Go Colours has been designed especially for children, and boasts over 170 interconnecting components to allow kids to create a range of structures.

Murtagh said: “When I first created Arckit I never dreamt it would cross over into the toy market. This was a tool developed for architects but as soon as schools and universities starting picking up on it, I fully realised its potential.

“Arckit Go Colours has been developed for children. The eye-catching design was really important to us. It had to be bright and colourful yet still work as a solid building tool to enable kids to create their own structures.”

The set also gives users access to digital components including SketchUp 3D Warehouse, Arckit Interactive Digital Builds and a library of Arckit Arckitexture graphics.

Murtagh added: “We want children to love playing with the kit, we want to bring out the budding designer in them and encourage then to unleash their creativity and build some mind blowing structures.”

Designed for children aged 10 and up, prices for the set start from £49.99.

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