Zimpli Kids launches new make-your-own snowball kit Gelli Snow Battle Packs

Zimpli Kids has launched a new Gelli Snow Battle Pack, encouraging kids to get active with snowball fights whatever the weather.

The original Gelli Snow formula, launched last year, has been transformed to allow kids to make their own snowballs, by adding to powder to water and watching it form life-like snow.

“As a company, we already have a great pedigree of creating unique products that perform superbly on all social media platforms,” said Eejay Enyi, head of sales at Zimpli Kids.

“Our Gelli Snow Battle Packs take our make your own snow line to a whole new level and without a doubt, this new product will help to push even further our massive viral traction as kids everywhere upload their Snow Ball fights onto their social media accopunts.”

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