GoldieBlox launches YouTube series to teach girls how to customise their toys

GoldieBlox has launched a new YouTube series designed to teach kids how to customise their own toys.

Called Toy Hackers, the show will be hosted by video blogger Simone Giertz who has risen to online fame by building and testing various robots.

The show will follow a group of female engineers known as Toy Hackers Secret Society as they assign action figures tasks that involve solving everyday problems with new inventions.

Each episode will include a step-by-step guide to building the creations featured on the show.

The first two episodes see the hackers make a homemade speaker and a pulley system with all of the show’s inventions made with household items such as marbles, paper towels and plastic cups.

“It’s about showing kids that they can shape the world around them,” said Giertz.

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