Family Gamer TV checks out the latest PJ Masks action figures and play-sets

PJ Masks toys will be exclusive to Toys R Us in the States when they launch in October and then be on offer elsewhere nearer to Christmas.

The full line up for the year, that includes action figures, outfits, masks and a big Headquarters playset will range in price from $5.99 to $69.99.

I had the chance to try out the different toys with my boys for FamilyGamerTV and have to say their reaction was very positive and strong. The combination of different action figures, vehicles and outfits worked well together. In particular the ability to mix and match between the vehicles and characters (they all work with each other) add considerable play value.

For my money, the PJ Mask Headquarters will be this year’s Tracey Island.

The full list of products will be as follows:


PJ Masks Light-Up Figures – SRP $5.99 each
PJ Masks Duet Figure Assortment – SRP $7.99 each
PJ Masks Collectible Figure Set – SRP $12.99


PJ Masks Vehicle Assortment – SRP $12.99 each
PJ Masks Deluxe Vehicle Assortment – SRP $19.99


PJ Masks Hero Dress-Up Assortment – SRP $19.99 each
PJ Masks Character Mask Assortment – SRP $9.99 each


PJ Masks Headquarters Playset – SRP $69.99


PJ Masks Sing and Talk Plush- SRP $19.99
PJ Masks Mini Plush – SRP $7.99 each

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