Is Disney planning to launch a real life lightsaber?

Disney has taken the first steps to making every Star Wars fan’s dream a reality with a patent application for a real-world lightsaber.

The firm has designed a system that shoots a beam of light from a hilt, echoing the weapons favoured by Jedi and Sith within the Star Wars universe.

The design, detailed in a patent application filed by Disney Enterprises on July 17, uses a system of drones, laser beams and retrreflective devices.

Cut through the jargon and what it hopes to develop is a device to simulate a real-life lightsaber experience.

According to the interpretations of Quartz, a drone will locate a device, such as a lightsabe hilt by detecting infrared light emitted from it. The drone will then project visible light – passed through water vapour or fog, to make the beam seem stronger – to the device.

This will give the appearance that the beam is coming from the lightsaber, rather than the drone.

Of course, Disney has not offered precise details for the device’s function, but says it has been designed as a new way for customers to participate in theatrical performances, theme park features and more.

However, a firm prolific in its patent applications, the future of the technology depends entirely on whether the idea will get off the ground to begin with.

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