The campaign is calling on Disney to ensure living wages for workers and improved working and living conditions.

Green America urges Disney to improve conditions of its Chinese toy factories

Green America is calling for Disney to improve the conditions for workers in its Chinese toy factories.

The campaign wants living wages for workers and improved working and living conditions overall. 

Green America is asking Disney to take the following actions:

  • Living wages for workers.
  • Strictly voluntary overtime work and payment for all overtime hours worked.
  • Payment for all mandatory job-related activities including group meetings, training and on-boarding, including back pay for workers who were denied payments in the past.
  • Hygienic and safe housing for workers.
  • Pre-job safety training that adequately prepares workers and informs them of risks to their short-term and long-term health, and how to reduce these risks.
  • A safe work environment, including free and easy access to safety equipment, and health screenings/exams, and clear and unlocked fire escapes.
  • Allow workers to elect enterprise level union representatives and allow workers to elect their occupational health and safety representatives.
  • Pay workers the full amount of social insurance they are owed and ensure severance payments for workers who lose their jobs when Disney supplier factories close. 

The campaign petition can be found here.

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