The Entertainer planning to open five more stores in Northern Ireland

Toy retailer The Entertainer has revealed plans to open at least five stores in Northern Ireland as part of the company’s plans to grow the business.

This news comes following the opening of The Entertainer’s first store in Ireland at CastleCourt in Belfast.

Speaking at the store’s opening, Phil Geary, head of e-commerce and marketing at The Entertainer, said: “Eighteen months ago, we didn’t have a store in Scotland, now we’ve got five,” reports Irish News.

"We hopefully will do well with this store but naturally we have to ship the stock out here and there is a lot of logistical planning behind that so one store is not the aim.

"I think there is room for at least five but I would anticipate that when our TV advertising kicks in in December this year and brings the brand to life a little bit more, there’ll be more opportunities."

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