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Spin Master debuts Escape Room: The Game

Spin Master is bolstering its line of games with the addition of Escape Room: The Game.

Based on the international craze for escape room experiences, Escape Room: The Game will see players put their problem-solving skills to work and crack a code to win.

An electronic decoder timer device, known as the Chrono Decoder, is included in the game, and acts as a ticking clock that subtracts time for each wrong attempt.

"As escape rooms have become such a global phenomenon, we saw an incredible opportunity to translate that experience into something even more accessible while remaining just as exciting," said Danielle Armbrust, ‎VP of games at Spin Master.

"Escape Room: The Game isn’t just a game, it’s a true-to-life experience that we think will remind people that well designed board games are as relevant now as ever."

Four rooms are included in the game – Prison Break, Virus, Nuclear Countdown and Temple of the Aztec – while themed expansion packs are set for release in January 2017.

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