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Inventors Workshop is “incredibly important” in helping emerging toy design talent, says Jenga inventor

Leslie Scott, the inventor of Jenga, believes events like ToyNews’ Inventors Workshop are incredibly important in helping new design talent get their toy ideas off the ground.

Scott, who spoke at last year’s event, was talking to ToyNews editor Billy Langsworthy for this month’s Inventors Podcast, which will be available to listen to next week.

"Events like ToyNews’ Inventors Workshop and Mary Couzin’s ChiTAG are incredibly important for anyone with an idea for a toy or a game," said Scott.

"It’s a whole new concept that inventors might be taken seriously by the toy industry. If you’re thinking about going into that industry, it’s worth spending a day learning about how all this works."

Scott’s daughter – and fellow game design – Freddie Scott Vollrath was also interviewed for next week’s Podcast, and added: "When you go to these events, even if someone isn’t interested in what you’re pitching to them, you’re still making vital contacts and so it’s a great resource to take advantage of. I certainly did when I was starting out."

In the expansive interview to be aired next week, Leslie and Freddie also touch upon the origins of Jenga, the founding of Oxford Games and what it’s like working as a mother/daughter design team.

This year’s Inventors Workshop will be at held at Whittlebury Hall in Northampton on Tuesday, September 20th, 2016. The event is set to bring together leading inventors, distributors, retailers, investors and design students, all of whom are looking to discover new ideas, make new connections and stay at the forefront of innovation in toys.

To book tickets to this year’s event, click here. For sponsorship opportunities, and to be pitched to by inventors at the Workshop, email SFreeman@nbmedia.com or BNormile@nbmedia.com.

For general information on the event, email BLangsworthy@nbmedia.com or call 01992 515305.

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