The game is pitched as 'Pictionary meets Chinese Whispers'.

Firebox debuts Big Potato’s latest creation, Scrawl

Big Potato’s new adult board game Scrawl has landed exclusively at

The game, pitched by Firebox as ‘Pictionary meets Chinese Whispers’, sees every player take a scenario card, doodling what it says, then passing it on.

By the time your drawing has been passed through the confused brains and mixed artistic talents of your friends, the original drawing has had an unexpected makeover. Players must then interpret the other players’ pictures and descriptions.

At the end of the round, all of the pictures and descriptions are laid out. The funniest card in each story is awarded a point by the owner of that stack, the player who wins two more points than other players playing, wins.

Scrawl is available to buy first at, where it is an exclusive for this week.

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