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Donut the Card Game heads to Kickstarter

A new creation from Stephen Sams Games is making its way to crowdfunding site Kickstarter, in the form of Donut the Card Game.

Co-created and developed with Stephen Sams’ 14-year-old daughter Heather and graphic designer and digital artist Steve Dawson, the game has been designed for kids aged from two to 10 years old.

Featuring a deck of 101 unique images, the object of the strategic card game is to give other players as many cards (Donuts) as you can, whilst getting rid of all of your cards by playing them onto the discard pile (Crumbs).

36 different card actions are also included, which allow players to attack or defend.

Sams, the game’s creator said: "Donut ups the ante in family fun entertainment."

1,000 exclusive limited edition boxes will be created for the campaign, which began August 1st and will finish August 31st.

So far the project has raised $1,600 of its $30,000 target, with 21 days still left to go.

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