The new dice and card game sees players assemble a team of Star Wars characters, spanning the entire saga.

Fantasy Flight Games to re-enter collectables space with Star Wars: Destiny

Fantasy Flight Games has lifted the lid on Star Wars: Destiny, a new dice and card game that sees the firm re-enter the collectables space.

Boasting characters from across the entire Star Wars saga, Destiny sees players choose a team of characters and battle opponents with dice, a deck of cards, and a character’s unique abilities. The last player with characters left standing wins the game.

“We haven’t made a collectable game in years, even though many gamers enjoy this format’s aspects of discovery and trading," said Star Wars: Destiny game designer Lukas Litzsinger.

"Star Wars: Destiny is a game that could only exist within this category, and we’re excited to re-enter the collectable marketplace and start supporting fans of this genre once more.”

Star Wars: Destiny will hit shelves in November 2016. Check out a trailer for the game below:

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