The rainbows in Rainbow Rage have a naughty side. They like to swap their colours around and it's up to players to sort it out.

Obama Llama creator Matt Edmondson re-teams with Big Potato for Rainbow Rage

Matt Edmondson – Radio 1 DJ, TV presenter and inventor of Obama Llama – has once again teamed up with Big Potato to launch his latest game, Rainbow Rage.

Rainbow Rage has three levels of skill – easy, hard and ‘mind-melting’ – all based around the seven colours of the rainbow, which in this case like to swap places.

Players have to spot which colours have moved on the unique rainbow-shaped cards, grab the matching stacks, snap off a coloured block and start building their own rainbow. If they lunge for the wrong stack, they lose a block, and if they roar ‘Rainbow!’ at the wrong moment, they lose all their blocks.

The first person to build a complete rainbow with all their blocks wins.

“Throughout history, rainbows have been regarded as a beautiful natural phenomenon; bringing colour to otherwise gloomy days, and suggesting that sunshine may be around the corner. I’m afraid their reputation is about to change," said Edmondson.

"When I dreamt up what I thought was going to be quite a simple and fun game about rainbows, I had no idea that I would unleash the world’s most rage-inducing product on the general public. I challenge anyone to play this and try to stay composed. It seems so simple and easy, and yet is so devilishly challenging that only the quickest, coolest and most observant rainbow tamers will come out of the other side unscathed. It’s the perfect way to add some colour to a night with your mates.

"It’s great to be working with Big Potato again. Obama Llama has been a runaway success and I love that they’ve embraced Rainbow Rage and brought it to life with their trademark touch.”

Big Potato’s Dean Tempest added: “We love working with Matt and it’s been a bit of a standing joke that since Obama Llama, he can’t stop coming up with games ideas. Rainbow Rage is fast, grabby and super zeitgeist-y, something that Matt is very adept at.

"We can’t wait to cause Rainbow Rage right across the country. Who knew rainbows could be so rage-ey?”

To order Rainbow Rage, contact Big Potato at

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