Latest line from Bif Bang Pow! sees characters including Jerry and Willie, Marsha the mannequin and Leonard Nimoy's Hansen get their own toys.

New set of Twilight Zone characters get action figure treatment

A fresh wave of characters from cult TV series The Twilight Zone have been given the action figure treatment courtesy of Bif Bang Pow.

Designed similar to the action figures released in the Seventies, each retro-styled figure features five points of articulation (neck, shoulders, and hips) and showcases a classic character with episode-specific accessories.

The Don Carter action figure celebrates the ‘Nick of Time’ episode, which saw William Shatner’s Don Carter become obsessed with a fortune-telling machine (and the action figure comes with a miniature Mystic Seer inspired by the same fortune-telling machine).

The Jerry and Willie action figure pays homage to The Twilight Zone episode ‘The Dummy’. The figure of the persecuted ventriloquist and his deranged dummy comes with a hand slot in the back of Jerry, so fans can pose Jerry and Willie together.

Leonard Nimoy’s Hansen, from ‘A Quality of Mercy’ has also been given an action figure, which comes with his battlefield accessories: a removable helmet, rifle, and field radio that opens to reveal a pull-out phone.

Elsewhere, The Twilight Zone Alicia figure showcases the female robot companion from ‘The Lonely’, while the Marsha White action figure pays tribute to the ‘After Hours’ episode.

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