US: Bananagrams teams with Rhode Island brewery to celebrate 10th anniversary

Bananagrams has taken new steps towards fuelling adult party evenings with the launch of a new banana flavoured, themed beer.

In a new partnership with Rhode Island’s Narragansett Brewing Company, Bananagrams is continuing its 10th anniversary celebrations with a fully themed version of the brewery’s popular Hefeweizen beer.

Bananagrams’ Top Banana, Rena Nathanson has stated that together the two companies will jointly promote ‘Hi Neighbour, Have a Hefeweizen’ through sponsored game nights in the Providence state.

Bananagrams is a game steeped in Narragansett history, having been created by Abraham Nathanson and his daughter Rena at his home in the Rhode Island town.

Narragansett Brewing has previously teamed with several Rhode Island companies such as Autocrat Coffee, Del’s Lemonade and Allie’s Donuts.

The new Bananagrams-themed beer delivers notes of banana and clove and represents the first time the brewing company has teamed with a company outside of the food and drink industry.

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