TOMY unveils its first video game synched Pokémon Z-Ring

Global toymaker Tomy has unveiled its first video-game synchronized toy for fans of the latest addition to the Pokémon franchise, Sun and Moon.

Called the Pokémon Z-Ring, the new toy is an interactive replica of the bracelet worn by the lead character in the new video game titles and can be synched with the game play to emit sounds, lights and vibrations.

The bracelet will react throughout the game as players engage with the new Nintendo 3DS titles Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon and employ the new Z-Move attack.

The Z-Ring will come with a collection of different coloured Z-Crystlas, representing an element type. Kids can insert different types of Z-Crystals into the Z-Ring for a range of different sounds and colours.

The Z-Ring set comes with three Z-Crystals and a Pikachu figure. The new product is aimed at kids aged four and upwards.

“There’s no question that 2016 has been an incredible 20th celebration year for Pokémon and there’s no sign of it slowing down with the upcoming release of the Pokémon Z-Ring,” said Morgan Weyl, director, boys’ toys for Tomy.

“The mythical characters and retailer exclusives we have been releasing throughout the year have been in high demand and now with the introduction of our first video-game synchronized toy, we are looking forward to a very exciting holiday season.” 

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